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Wythnos Mabolgampau 2020 / Sports week 2020

Wythnos Mabolgampau / Sports week


Yr wythnos yma fel ysgol yr ydym wedi penderfynu cynnal wythnos Mabolgampau rhyngweithiol. Rydym wedi gosod 5 her amrywiol i ddisgyblion i gwblhau dros yr wythnos yma, gwyliwch y fideo isod o Mr Thomas yn esbonio'r heriau. Gallwch lanlwytho lluniau, fideo a chanlyniadau i'ch ffeiliau

Hwb neu e-bostio at eich athrawon. Isod mae templed o dabl canlyniadau i gofnodi eich canlyniadau os ydych yn dymuno. 


This week as a school we have decided to hold an interactive sports week. We've set 5 different challenges for the pupils to complete over the week, an explanation of these challenges can be seen below in a video by Mr Thomas. You could upload photos, videos and results to your Hwb files or e-mail them to your class teacher. Below also is a results table template to complete if you wish. 

Tabl canlyniadau / Results table

Heriau ychwanegol / Extra challenges

Beth am feddwl am heriau eich hyn?  

What about creating your own challenges?

Naid Uchel / High jump

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1.Reach up and make a mark then jump as high as you can.
2.Make another when you jump.
3.Measure the difference between the marks.

Naid hir

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1. Make a mark to jump from.
2. Jump as far as you can for distance. Place a marker down on the floor at the back of your feet.
3. Measure the distance between original mark and landing mark.


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1. Choose an object to throw. Ideally one you could throw between 10m and 20m
2. Throw it.
3. Measure distance.
4. Choose another object and repeat.

Neidio cyflym

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1. Place an object on the floor.
2. Speed bound as quickly as possible over the object.
3. Record number of jumps in 30 seconds.

Ras rwystrau

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1. Create an obstacle course of choice.
2. Include some; jumping, throwing, running, carrying, balancing and other movements.
3. Time yourself and record your own time in order to improve.

Heriau Mabolgampau y Dosbarthiadau Derbyn

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Heriau Mabolgampau’r Meithrin

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