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Bwydlen Cinio / Lunch Menu

Dyma Brocoli Bob a'i ffrindiau. Penny Pinafal, Benny Banana, Perry Panas a Marri moronen. Maent yn helpu ni ddeall yn well am sut i fwyta'n iachus a mwynhau gwahanol bwydydd.

Meet Broccoli Bob and his friends, Penny Pineapple, Benny Banana, Perry Parsnip and Carrie Carrot who are here to show you that healthy eating can be fun, easy and delicious!




You can find out what foods are good for you and about the different food groups so that you can combine foods to improve the nutritional balance of your meals and snacks, making them even more tasty.

There are loads of healthy recipes that you can print out and create, along with a Food Diary and Activity Charts so that you can monitor how active you are and what you eat over a week - the results may surprise you!